What goes well with Beets?

What do you do with that bunch of beets you picked up on a whim hopefully thinking you might actually let them not wilt at the back of your cupboard… this time? 🤞

Goats Cheese?

We think we can do better than that (admittedly it is incredibly delicious)! There are so many options when it comes to pairings that are easy and delicious.


Beetroot’s inherent sweetness partners with bold spices such as allspice and coriander seeds. The warmth offered by these spices balances the saccharine undertones of beetroot, creating a harmonious alliance certain to enrich any dish. Try a fiery burst of black mustard seeds which can introduce a contrasting zing. Mustard’s piquancy can temper beetroot’s sweetness resulting in an arresting flavour profile.

Spices go well with Beets - Photo by Ratul Ghosh on Unsplash
Photo by Ratul Ghosh on Unsplash

Complementary flavours can be found in the earthy spice realm too.

The bold flavours of garlic and cumin are nicely offset by the earthy sweetness of beets, creating a delightful harmony.


Sweetness often craves tart companions and beetroot is no different. Pairing beetroot with acidic components like red wine vinegar or citrus fruits like oranges can work beautifully. These can amplify its rich depth.


A duet formed of Apples and Beetroot is reminiscent of our spectacular autumn hues. Try a Crunchy Beetroot and Apple Salad. The sweetness of beetroot mingles perfectly with the tartness of the apple.


With beetroot, much like the stunning landscapes of Orkney, there’s always a delight awaiting discovery. Paired with the crunch and richness of nuts, beetroot springs to life. The naturally sweet beetroot aligns in perfect harmony with almonds. Drenched in a homemade Walnut Sauce, boiled or roasted beets can deliver an unforgettable culinary spectacle.


Looking for some new recipes to test out?

This Fennel, Beetroot and Orange Salad with Griddled Prawns Recipe is an unusual yet delightful fusion of flavours. It unites the delicate anise taste of fennel with earthy beetroot and zesty oranges. The succulent prawns remind us of the sparkling North Sea, which teems with marine life.

Creamy Beet Risotto is a hearty recipe for anyone who is looking to explore fresh flavours and textures. The striking colour and earthy taste of beets blend seamlessly with the creamy risotto. This recipe delivers a plate that pleases both the eye and palate.

The recipe incorporates puréed and chopped beets, offering contrasting elements that elevate the dish. A hint of white wine and a garlic-infused foundation tantalise your taste buds. The sour cream and Parmesan cheese garnish wonderfully enhance the dishes’ creaminess.

This innovative spin on risotto invites you to delve into new culinary dimensions. There are so many ways to appreciate the versatility of beets.

Relish Pairings

Spiced Beetroot Relish
Spiced Beetroot Relish

JP Orkney’s Spiced Beetroot Relish is a fusion of vibrant beetroot and aromatic spices. This robust condiment can enrich a variety of dishes – we list a few below:

  1. BBQ Complement: Dynamic flavours make it a perfect partner for BBQ burgers, providing a burst of tang and zing with each bite.
  2. Cheese Melter: Sweet and spicy notes meld beautifully with the creaminess of melted cheese – we love enjoying it with a simple cheese on toast.
  3. Meat Enhancer: Try pairing it with cold meats for a picnic or a sandwich. Enhance savoury elements with its nuanced sweetness.
  4. Fish Pairing: Consider it as an adventurous side for salmon, where it can complement the fish’s delicate flavour profile.
  5. Traditional Accompaniment: Try it with a traditional Orcadian clapshot (a mash of Swede turnips and potatoes).

The exquisite taste of our relish brings an alluring twist to the simplest dishes, allowing you to savour a taste of Orkney no matter where you are.

Try some of these techniques and let us know how they go.

Until next time, happy cooking!