Dive into the world of exquisite artisanship with our selection of artisan hampers. Every one of these carefully curated collections tells a unique story of the rich, vibrant heritage reflected in their creation. One of our best-loved Artisanal highlights is the Orkney Craft Hamper. Created to embody a harmonious blend of Orkney’s vibrant artistic scene and its traditional, time-honoured fare.

Orkney Craft Hamper
Orkney Craft Hamper

Nestled within this hamper, you’ll discover jars of JP Orkney’s delectable Rhubarb Chutney and Rhubarb Jam. These delightful preserves exemplify the delectable synthesis of sweet and tart, a tangy celebration of Orkney’s abundant rhubarb harvests. Each bite adds a zestful twist to your regular meals, or simply savour the taste on a slice of warm crusty, freshly-baked bread.

Rhubarb Chutney Recipe Ideas

1. Cheese Companion:

Rhubarb chutney flows beautifully with the creaminess of cheese. Try it tucked alongside a luscious warm brie or camembert or as a companion to a sharp cheddar or feta on your cheese board. The chutney’s sweet-tart boldness truly shines when paired with these creamy, savoury textures.

2. Pantry Staple Twist:

A spoonful of rhubarb chutney can instantly transform your sandwiches and burgers. Try it in a grilled chicken sandwich for a delightful twist. Depending on your preference for a sweet-savoury balance, adjust the quantity to your taste.

3. Epicure’s Delight:

Add a dollop of rhubarb chutney to a plate of grilled vegetables or a piece of perfectly seared salmon. You won’t believe the upscale restaurant-like finishing touch it will provide.

4. Breakfast Youthener:

Swirl it into your morning yoghurt. Or better yet, top your pancakes with this vibrant chutney as a replacement for standard syrup for a change—you’re in for a breakfast revolution!

5. BBQ Companion:

Add zing to your barbecues using rhubarb chutney as a glaze for meats. It could be the secret ingredient that takes your next BBQ masterpiece from “great” to “unforgettable”.

Meet Our Artisans

We handpick each artisan to be included, to ensure we have a truly representative blend of artistry and flavour that showcases the diverse talents and time-honoured traditions of this beautiful land.

The enamelled mug in this hamper is gracefully crafted by local award-winning artist Andrea Holmes. Every line of this mug echoes Orkney’s dramatic landscapes, allowing the drinker to enjoy a bit of Orcadian charm with each sip. It serves as a tangible piece of art that extends the islands’ natural beauty into the spaces of daily life.

Also included in these artisan hampers is an exclusive woven coaster from Afrayedknot. Each coaster is individually woven using fishing rope in a nod to Orkney’s maritime heritage. It resonates with the vibrant energy of the ocean and offers a tactile connection to the island’s seafaring past and present.

No hamper from Orkney would be complete without a nod to its culinary culture. The Beremeal Oatcakes from Stockan’s align with this principle, offering an authentic taste of the islands. Crafted with ancient bere grain, a type of barley cultivated since neolithic times. (3000bc), these award-winning oatcakes carry a satisfying crunchy texture and a subtly sweet, nutty flavour—perfect for pairing with the included chutney and jams.

These elements coalesce into a tangible expression of Orkney’s unique ethos – its inherent blend of art, nature, and traditional fare. The Orkney Craft Hamper along with our wider range of artisan hampers provide not just a delightful assortment of tastes and textures but a genuine slice of Orkney life you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

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