Experience the Magic of an Orkney Christmas with JP Orkney Tours & Gifts

For us at JP Orkney, Christmas is a time when the enchantment of magic and holiday cheer can cast its spell on anyone.

Christmas brings a delightful blend of joy, wonder, and an unspoken sense of belonging. It’s this very charm that we wish to share with you, and your loved ones, this festive season.

Embrace the heartwarming essence of Christmas by exploring our exquisitely curated hampers. Each hamper is a Christmas story, carefully crafted to encapsulate the distinct spirit of Orkney.

Choose from locally sourced nourishments to artistically crafted gifts. Every item gracing our hampers seeks to escort the magic of an Orkney Christmas right into the heart of your home.

For those who prefer a more personal touch, we encourage you to create your own hamper. Select from our diverse array of products to fashion a bespoke Christmas hamper that truly reflects your taste or that of the ones you love.

Every product in our range tells its own unique tale. We’re on hand to help you select the perfect blend of items that tell a story dear to your heart.

Embrace an Orkney Christmas with us, savour the timeless charm of our island, and spread that cheer far and wide. Here’s to a festive season enriched with the warmth of Orkney’s love and the magic of its mystic allure!

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