Eco-friendly Orkney Tours – CO2 Saving

Here at JP Orkney, we’re always looking for ways to make our tours as green as possible. Imagine touring the breathtaking Orkney Islands and knowing that with every mile, you’re treading lightly on our beautiful planet.

By choosing our electric Mercedes van for your journey, and Eco-friendly Tours in Orkney you’re making a significant difference.

In just a day’s tour covering 100 miles, our electric van emits a mere fraction of the CO2 compared to its diesel counterpart.

In fact, you’re helping save approximately 43.76 kg of CO2 emissions in just one day! That’s the equivalent of planting a small tree (but this is tricky to visualise so let’s break it down further).

That’s enough CO2 to fill about 1,578 regular balloons! So, when you tour with us, you’re not just exploring Orkney’s magic, but also playing a part in keeping our skies clear and our air clean.

Here’s to many more eco-friendly adventures together!

Want to know how much CO2 you could save with us? Try our CO2 Calculator for our Eco-friendly Orkney Tours below.

CO2 Estimator