Orkney Itinerary: One-Day Private Tour Rousay

Example Orkney Itinerary (Rousay)

Imagine stepping back in time as you explore the remarkable island of Rousay, an archaeological treasure trove.

Savour Your Orkney, Your Way

Remember, this Orkney itinerary serves as merely a starting point. 

Fancy a closer look at the storied brochs and cairns? Yearn for extended moments wrapped in the tranquillity of nature’s embrace? Or perhaps there’s a unique aspect of island life that piques your curiosity?

Whatever your preferences are, we’re here to tailor every detail, ensuring that your tour is as unique as you are.

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Orkney’s storied landscapes and historical riches crafted exclusively for you.

JP Orkney Sample Itinerary Rousay

Orkney Itinerary Highlights

Journey to the heart of Rousay through this sample itinerary.

Experience whispers of ancient fortifications and explore the serene beauty of Orkney’s nature.

(Pick up TBC)

  • Eynhallow Sound: Our journey begins with a ferry crossing, offering splendid views and a chance to spot an array of sea birds and marine life. Think of it as nature’s own welcome party.
  • Trumland Visitor Centre: A brief, yet insightful visit awaits here (approx 10 minutes), giving us a snapshot of Rousay’s rich tapestry, from ancient days to the here and now—a quick dive into the island’s heart.
  • Blackhammer and Taversoe Tuick: Next up, these Neolithic cairns come alive with their stories of bygone eras. Imagine the tales held within, from both human and animal remains to artefacts like flint.
  • Midhowe Cairn: Step into this Neolithic marvel from around 3500BC, with its grandeur and the stories of 25 souls – the remains of which were discovered when excavated. It’s like walking into a time capsule.
  • Picnic Lunch: A delightful pause in our exploration to refuel.
  • Midhowe Broch: Visit this impressive Iron Age fortification. Here’s where history unfolds before us through the remarkable craftsmanship of the Pictish people. It’s a tangible connection to a spirited past – there would have been a number of these around Rousay’s shores.
  • Crannogs: Our exploration leads us to these Iron Age fortified settlements on Wasbister Loch’s artificial islands – a serene encounter with ancient ingenuity.
  • Saviskaill Beach: We’ll take a tranquil moment to seek out seals and seabirds against the backdrop of Orkney’s breathtaking coastline. It’s nature’s theatre at its finest.
  • Scenic Drive to Ferry: As our day winds down, we’ll head back to catch the 15:20pm ferry, enriched with a tale or two about Earl Magnus – a saga of triumph and tragedy.

Drop off tbc

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Our luxury Mercedes Evito tour vehicle seats eight passengers. It is fully electric, so not only is it comfortable, it is quiet and environmentally friendly. It is fully licensed, has lots of luggage space and phone charging facilities.

We love sharing lots of useful and entertaining information about the sites, and as all our tours are private you will have your guide and our tour vehicle all to yourself.

Tours can be as active or relaxed as you like – we will work with you to create your perfect experience. We cater for everyone – families, couples, single travellers, small groups and corporate clients.

We make our own range of Orkney produce, so there are always lots of complimentary treats on board. Complimentary drinking water is always readily available.

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As all our tours are tailor made, prices are on request. All prices are for the vehicle and guide, and include pick-ups and drop-offs for up to eight passengers. Lunches and entrance fees are extra.
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