Orkney Packed Lunch Experience

We invite you to experience and savour our island’s fresh local produce in our homemade packed lunch whilst enjoying our bespoke Orkney tours.

Our homemade packed lunches are crafted sustainably with pride and care by our sister company Jane & Paul’s Orkney Produce. Our lunches are seasonal and are subject to change, so please let us know in advance of any dietary requirements.


Fresh Local produce

Our packed lunches feature the finest of Orkney’s produce, drawing from a centuries-old legacy of local farming and fishing.

Sink your teeth into succulent local rolls filled with the freshest, hand-selected beef and rich egg mayo, made from eggs laid by Orkney’s free-range hens.

Savour the delicate textures and flavours of high-end smoked fish, a testament to Orkney’s renowned seafood heritage.

Sustainably Packaged, Thoughtfully Sourced

We’re as committed to the environment as we are to our food’s quality. Your Orkney Packed Lunch is thoughtfully presented in recyclable boxes and compostable packaging. This ensures that we keep Orkney pristine while pleasing your taste buds.

Seasonal Freshness from Our Polytunnels

Our cucumbers and tomatoes are freshly handpicked from our polytunnels in the summer. We pick our tomatoes when they’re ripe and juicy, and our cucumbers are selected at just the right time to ensure they’re crisp and refreshing.

Indulgent Treats with Local Whisky

For those who wish to indulge, choose from the peated intensity of Highland Park or the smoother notes of Scapa Distillery’s non-peated malt. Our rich tiffin, infused with single malt whisky, provides a decadent finish that resonates with Orkney’s spirit-making history.

About Jane & Paul’s Orkney Produce

Jane & Paul’s Orkney Produce, our sister company, are the heart behind your packed lunch.

With a tap into Orkney’s food tradition and a commitment to quality, we invite you to visit our website at Jane & Paul’s Orkney Produce to discover more of Orkney’s favourite tastes, delivered right at your doorstep