Green Tourism

JP Orkney takes immense pride in achieving the Gold standard set by Green Tourism. This is the world’s largest sustainable tourism program. We are part of a community of over 2,300 tourism and hospitality businesses. We are committed to growing sustainably, sharing our green story, and reducing our environmental impact.

Green Tourism provides reliable, independent guidance to businesses like ours that aspire to operate sustainably. To earn certification, an assessor evaluates our sustainability performance against a set of criteria. These criteria align with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria. Based on our score, we receive an award level – Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

As you might guess, we’re always striving for excellence. Our next goal? To continue improving our sustainability practices and maintain our Gold standard. With Green Tourism’s guidance, we’re confident we can make it happen.

Green Tourism: Pioneering Sustainability in Hospitality Since 1997

Beginning in the UK in 1997, Green Tourism launched their assessment and green certification program. It was developed as a way to help hotels, motels, resorts, wineries, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, tour operators and tourist attractions improve their sustainability and become recognised for their efforts.

Green Tourism has remained one of the most sought-after eco-labels and certification programs. It has one of the first sustainable tourism certification programs in the world.

Every one of Green Tourism’s members are individually assessed by trained green business experts, who review everything from energy efficiency to food sources.​ Many other sustainable business certification programs that allow self-assessments and grading.

This thorough assessment process gives members like ourselves insight into how to further reduce their businesses’ impact on the environment. It also provides guidance on how to best manage future projects, and a personalised action plan about how to build their green business.

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