Orkney Island Hopping: Multi-Day Tours

Orkney Island Hopping

Savour the heart-warming allure of Orkney and start your adventure Island Hopping with us. Soak in Orkneys enchanting beauty over a series of captivating days with our bespoke, multiple-day tours. With us, it’s not just about sharing experiences; it’s about crafting memories that define your journey through our bewitching isles.

Be it families of all ages, couples, solo explorers, groups or corporate clients, we promise an inviting retreat, tailored to any duration and interests. All our tours and our very own guide Paul Hudd hold accreditation from the respected Scottish Tourist Guides Association, standing as testament to our commitment to the finest touring experience. We are also proud members of the Orkney Tourist Guides Association.

Orkney Tours

Orkney Exploration

Discover Orkney’s enchanting landscapes and rich history thread-by-thread over a few, or many memorable days. Each ancient site or vibrant view in our itinerary serves as a unique window into Orkney’s past and present. Whatever your interests, our offerings are sure to satiate your curiosity. We’ll be thrilled to curate an unforgettable adventure just for you.


Example Three-Day Itinerary

During the first two days, we could uncover the myriad of delightful hidden gems peppered across “Mainland”, Orkney’s largest and most captivating Island. Mainland is swathed in charm, wondrous stories, and boundless natural beauty.

If it piques your interest, we would invite you to step lightly into the footprint left by the Neolithic inhabitants and weave through the rich narrative of the Vikings. Remember the heroes of wartime tales, and bask in the whispering breeze of our eco-friendly renewable initiatives. 

Now, envision the third day — or extend it to the fourth, fifth, or even the sixth day — hopping between the islands of Orkney. We could embrace the extraordinary on islands such as Hoy, Rousay, Shapinsay, Sanday, and Westray.

Should you fancy additional exploration, there’s an archipelago of smaller, equally enchanting islands ready to share their stories. Each island resonates with its own unique air and enriches your journey with its intriguing history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking vistas.


Island Focus: Hopping across Hoy

Let us guide you around the island of Hoy, where a stunning landscape awaits. We could take winding trails down through this majestic place adorned with sea stacks that are like monuments to nature’s artistry!

To hike to the Old Man is a rite of passage in Orkney, a journey that serves as a sentimental link between fellow adventurers across time. As you thread your way through the wild, yet welcoming terrain, and finally gaze upon the breathtaking sight of the Old Man, you’ll not only feel intimately connected with the primal power of nature but also with the vibrant community of explorers who’ve shared this memorable journey.


Island Focus: Wandering around Westray

Known as the ‘Queen o’ the Isles’, you could bestow your affection upon the puffins who call Westray home. These colourful birds bring a sense of joy and frivolity to the cliffs with their spirited calls and playfulness.

The nearby Castle o’ Burrian, standing guard as an inviting lighthouse, illuminates the nights, casting a secretive glow on the puffins’ stage, forever assuring you that the magic of Orkney is alive, thriving, and just waiting to be discovered.



At JP Orkney, your adventure is all your own. We’re just here to help you craft it into a masterpiece composed entirely of vibrant, cherished memories. We look forward to having you join us Island Hopping across our beautiful Orkney Islands.

Your Tour Experience

Ensconce yourself in the hush and comfort of our eight-seater, electric-powered Mercedes Evito luxury tour vehicle. Not only is it quiet and plush, it also captures our love and respect for the environment. We of course have plenty of complimentary drinking water.

Tailor your tour to suit you! Whether you prefer a relaxed exploration or a more active engagement with the fabulous Orkney gifts.

Enjoy “A perfect day!” or rather, a series of perfect days, is just an email or a phone call away at JP Orkney.

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As all our tours are tailor made, prices are on request. All prices are for the vehicle and guide, and include pick-ups and drop-offs for up to eight passengers. Lunches and entrance fees are extra.

We use online payment methods and can accept payment from any credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and payment by phone.

To enquire about a tour or to book please email us, phone 01856721761 or use our contact form.

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