Prepare for your unforgettable adventure in our guide to Orkney Day Tours from Kirkwall. Each is carefully designed to gift you with a mesmerising experience. Marvel at Orkney’s rich history, captivating wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes.

Preparing for Your Kirkwall Day Tour: Essential Tips

A day tour from Kirkwall is a captivating journey through the rich history, diverse landscapes, and mouth-watering local cuisine of Orkney. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, it’s essential to come prepared.

Things to Consider

  1. Weather: The weather in Orkney can be quite unpredictable, so it’s essential to keep an eye on the forecast. The Met Office’s website is a reliable source for up-to-date local weather information.
  2. Essentials to bring:
  • Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing (preferably in layers)
  • Waterproof outerwear
  • Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes
  • A hat and sunscreen (during sunnier days)
  • A small backpack with essentials
  • Binoculars (for wildlife spotting)
  • Camera or smartphone for capturing beautiful moments
  • A reusable water bottle
  1. Emergency Information: In case of a medical emergency during your tour, the Orkney Hospital Emergency Department is available to assist you. It’s always a good idea to keep their contact details handy and inform your fellow travellers. We also have a handy guide to health and safety here:

Key Sights Not to Miss

  1. Skara Brae: A UNESCO World Heritage site of an ancient Neolithic village dating back to 3,100 BCE.
  2. Ring of Brodgar: A magnificent Neolithic stone circle surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of lochs and hills.
  3. Maeshowe: One of Europe’s finest chambered tombs
  4. St. Magnus Cathedral: A stunning architectural gem nestled in the heart of Kirkwall, bearing witness to over 800 years of history.
  5. The Italian Chapel: A beautiful testament to the resilience and ingenuity of Italian prisoners of war during World War II.

History and Food on Orkney Day Tours from Kirkwall

Kirkwall, Orkney’s largest town, boasts a rich history dating back to the Viking period. As the spiritual and administrative centre of Orkney, Kirkwall exudes charm and lively culture, making it a perfect hub to start your day tour. The town’s history, beautifully preserved through well-known sites like St. Magnus Cathedral and the Bishop’s and Earl’s Palaces, tells colourful stories of its past.

The food scene in Kirkwall is an essential part of the Orkney experience. Local flavours shine through their eco-friendly practices and culinary innovations.

Traditional Orcadian dishes like Orkney lamb and beef, locally caught seafood, and artisanal cheeses are found in abundance. Desserts like the Orkney Fudge Cheesecake or the traditional Orkney Bere Bannock are a sweet ending to a delightful heritage feast.

Armed with these tips, key sights, and a taste of Kirkwall’s past and flavours, you’re all set to embark on an unforgettable day tour from Kirkwall.

Kirkwall & Beyond

Kirkwall is your gateway to a myriad of rich experiences that fittingly can be indulged in a day. Let’s whisk you away on a delightful adventure through the enchanting corners of our beloved Orkney islands.

  1. Historic Stromness – A charming seafront town oozing with heritage and a fantastic arts scene, it’s truly a place to soak up the culture.
  2. Mighty Skara Brae and Skaill House – Both a stone’s throw away from each other, one a mystical prehistoric village and the other a 17th-century manor filled with intriguing artefacts, weaving a tactile history of our fabulous island.
  3. Majestic Birsay – Where you can find historical remnants like the Brough of Birsay and Earl’s Palace while enjoying mesmerising coastal views.
  4. Heart-stirring cliffs of Yesnaby – Amongst our finest geological marvels, offering excellent opportunities for remarkable views and spectacular photography.
  5. Wild Heart of Orkney, Hobbister Moor – Visit the RSPB nature reserve to catch glimpses of rare and native bird species, adding a vibrant dash of nature’s theatre to your day.

And there’s more! Each trail brings you closer to the roots of our local produce that you can indulge in for a memorable feast.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on Orkney Day Tours from Kirkwall.

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