Our Orkney Islands Tour guide is your heartening call to journey with us through five tucked-away treasures sculpting the vibrant tapestry of our home. At JP Orkney, we consider that one of life’s greatest delights is introducing friends to the hidden gems of our majestic archipelago.

1. The Taversöe Tuick Chambered Cairn (Rousay)

Tucked away on the ‘Egypt of the North’, Rousay, the Taversöe Tuick is a double-decker prehistoric surprise. It’s a rarely-visited cairn with two separate burial chambers stacked above one another, a unique design throughout Orkney. Delve into the mysteries of long-lost civilisations amidst the tranquillity of Rousay. Don’t forget to bring an appetite with you – Rousay’s local delights make for a perfect picnic treat.

2. Papay’s Kelp Store (Papa Westray)

Celebrating the island’s kelping past, the Kelp Store in Papa Westray is an ode to the island’s self-sufficiency during tough economic times.

A relic of the 19th-century kelp industry, it has since been restored and transformed into an art studio and exhibition space showcasing local talent and history.

3. The Dwarfie Stane (Hoy)

Orkney’s only rock-cut tomb dwells in the heart of Hoy. The Dwarfie Stane is a marvel to both archaeologists and tourists alike. It enthrals guests as to how our Neolithic ancestors, armed only with stone tools were about to carve into this massive sandstone block!

As you marvel at this site, savour our homemade snacks that echo tradition in every bite.

4. Quoyness Chambered Cairn (Sanday)

Sanday harbours a well-preserved Neolithic cairn. The Quoyness Cairn boats a wealth of archaeological intrigue, tucked neatly into the mesmerising coastal landscape. Take a stroll back in time as you explore Quoyness with an Orkney picnic handcrafted for you.

5. The Noup (Westray)

Feel the exhilarating rush of the wind atop the dramatic sea cliffs of The Noup. Westray is home to immense bird colonies, including thousands of Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, and Kittiwakes standing guard over the Atlantic.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief guide on the wonders that await you on your Orkney Islands Tour.

Until next time, happy exploring, and don’t forget to Contact Us to start your adventure!


  1. Visit Orkney, Taversöe Tuick
  2. Visit Orkney, Papay’s Kelp Store
  3. Visit Orkney, The Dwarfie Stane
  4. Visit Orkney, Quoyness Chambered Cairn
  5. Visit Orkney, The Noup, Westray